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What is composing? Composing is a creative process, which involves exploring, selecting, organising and using sounds to make music... Click here for more


  Improvising and Creating Talking about and recording compositions

Progression in Improvising and Creating

Video clip 1 

Video clip 2    

Sound file 1   

Sound file 2

Progression in Talking about and Recording Compositions 
Intouch magazine articles

Let's Compose

C is for Composing

ideas for notating compositions

musical_instruments_180_x_120.jpg          musical_instruments_180_x_120.jpg          musical_instruments_180_x_120.jpg (click image to open)

• grid 1            • grid 2            • grid 3

Activities for composing

Recording compositions on electronic media

• Using a MP3 player      • Using audacity      • UsingPhotoStory 3

Using story as a stimulus for composing

Suggested stories for composing

Using characters as a stimulus for composing

Talking about compositions

Composing melody some ideas

Sound files to listen to

Sound file 1    

Sound file 2     

Sound file 3     

Sound file 4

Composing with rhythm

Lessons on Composing