Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS) 

A team of DEIS advisors from within the Professional Development Service for Teachers provide support to Urban Band 1 and Urban Band 2 DEIS schools in the areas of action planning, literacy and numeracy. As part of the DEIS Action Plan schools are invited to avail of support in literacy through First Steps and Reading Recovery and in numeracy through Maths Recovery and Ready Set Go- Maths.


Background to DEIS initiative

Guidelines for using DEIS funding

DEIS Literacy and Numeracy programmes : descriptors

Section 5 of the DEIS plan for educational inclusion requires all schools with DEIS status to generate Action Plans comprising the components of the School Development Planning process: review, target-setting, actions to be taken, monitoring and evaluation as well as the relevant indicators and prioritised areas of activity: literacy, numeracy, attendance, involvement of parents, and partnership with others. The link below brings you to planning templates, sample plans and review instruments for each of the 5 key areas.

Action Planning

Ready Set Go Maths is a resource designed for the teaching and learning of early number concepts. Click on the logo for a variety of resources to support the implementation of the programme.


First Steps is a literacy resource to support the teaching and learning of oral language, reading and writing. Click on the links below for materials designed to enhance classroom instruction of the various First Steps strands.




Speaking and Listening

An integrated approach to First Steps