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This page of curated content was developed by the PDST Digital Technologies team to support schools and teachers engaged in distance learning in order to provide continuity to pupils/students.  Using some of the online platforms and/or tools that are detailed on this page, schools will be enabled to limit the impact of school closures by giving learners access to materials, support, classwork and feedback. By using the online tools explored on this page:


  • Teachers can easily make educational resources and exercises available to learners, who can then study and complete assignments from home.

  • Depending on the digital tools available to each school, teachers could also use flipped learning strategies to source and/or create online lessons that learners can access remotely. 

  • Learners can complete activities digitally that demonstrate their understanding, with teachers being able to provide feedback to improve the learning experience.

  • Learners' knowledge and understanding can be effectively demonstrated using some of the edtech tools explored on this webpage (eg. Edpuzzle, Flip, Kahoot, Quizlet and WizerMe).



Platforms to support distance learning


Click on the images and links below to find out more about the various platforms and their online features that can be used to support teaching and learning remotely.












Click on the images and links below to find out where reliable sources of information can be accessed and to explore online tools that can be used to support teaching and learning remotely. 



Additional Resources

Resources to support distance learning, including reliable sources of information and video content Digital tools that can be used to support teaching and learning remotely Online tutorials for digital tools suitable for supporting distance learning

Digital ebook and virtual tour libraries that are available to support students and teachers in a classroom or home setting Digital tools suitable for video conferencing, live classes or video calls Online tutorials showing how digital tools can be used for assessment and to provide effective feedback


Digital Technologies Infographics
Infographics exploring a variety of key aspects relating to the use of digital technologies for teaching, learning and assessment purposes in times of distance/ blended learning, and more generally.


Other useful websites and resources

Scoilnet is the Department of Education's official online portal for Irish education and contains over 20,000 resources mapped to the Irish curriculum.  All students and teachers can access Britannica School, an online encyclopedia through Scoilnet.  


Teachers can create a free Scoilnet account and upload their resources to share with other teachers and students throughout the country. 


Teachers now have access to the Irish Newspaper Archive (via a Scoilnet Account sign in.  Click here for more information.     

Additional links from PDST Technology in Education to support teachers working from home, including links to good practice videos that contain activities which can be adapted for online teaching.  Digital learning planning resources are also available, please visit PDST Technology in Education for more information.



There is a variety of short online courses available which teachers can access to upskill in the area of digital technologies. Please visit the PDST Technology in Education website - Online Courses section to view the current selection available. As pupils/students will also be engaging in online learning at home throughout this period, we would advise teachers and parents to visit the Webwise website to find out more about online safety and relevant considerations. The parents section of the website is also particularly useful in highlighting popular apps and their features.




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