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The following content has been taken from the Class Dojo website and added to by our PDST Digital Technologies Advisors


Class Dojo

Brief Description:

If you already use Class Dojo for classroom/behaviour management then Class Dojo Portfolios could be a good option to create a home-school link using your existing account. Learners can log in at school or at home using a class text code, QR code or Google account. Parents can be linked to their child's account via email link.  

The portfolios tool enables learners to upload different file/work types including photos of work, videos, journal (typed pieces of work e.g. weekend news, book report etc) and other files (e.g. documents).

Teachers can set tasks/assignments which learners complete and the teacher moderates all work before it appears in student accounts. Teachers can upload worksheets and make them interactive. Tasks can be set for all learners, groups or individuals. 

Parental consent is necessary for learners under 16 years of age. Sample parental consent letter:


Getting Started:

It is simple to set up and can be accessed via the website or ClassDojo app. Learners can sign in using a QR code, text code or Google account.


Key Features:

Teachers can create an account for each pupil on the platform.

Once signed in, teachers can set activities for learners by clicking on the blue “Create Activity” button. This allows teachers to create templates for student responses. Activity formats supported include text entries, photos, drawings or video recordings. 

There are a number of ways that a pupils can upload content, these are listed below:

  • Photos: Images can be taken using the native camera on the device being used. Pupils can take photos of their work and add a narration to this explaining a process. They can also add text to their images, or draw on the image to include additional information.
  • Videos:  Pupils can record recording of themselves engaging in oral language work and upload it to the platform for feedback from their teacher.
  • Drawing: Pupils can use this tool to create diagrams which can be uploaded to the platform and can add narration to this to explain their workings.
  • Camera Roll: Pupils can upload images from the camera roll and can add narration and text to these as normal.
  • Learners can also upload files e.g. documents, PDFs etc. up to a maximum size of 10MB. 


End of year platform tips


Supports and tutorial links:

More information can be found here: 

Information for teachers:

Tutorial to set your class up: (3 mins)

Tutorial on giving effective feedback on ClassDojo Portfolios: (2 mins) 



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