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The following content has been taken from the edmodo website and added to by our PDST Digital Technologies Advisors


Brief Description:

Edmodo is a technology supported platform that allows teachers to communicate with students, share content, create assessments and give feedback.  Parents can also connect with teachers and students on the platform. Edmodo believes edtech has the power to improve education and enrich the lives of everyone in the education community, no matter where they might live, work, or play. 


Testimonial from Teachers using Edmodo: 





End of year platform tips:




Getting Started:


Edmodo supports teachers and students in and out of the classroom, and setting up a class for distance learning is easy!


Step 1: Create Your Class 


Create an enclosed, safe community space for you and your students with an Edmodo Class. Edmodo Classes can be accessed via the web and Android or iOS mobile app.

  • Log in or create your Edmodo account: https://go.edmodo.com/teachers/
  • Go to the Classes tab and select Class Management in the top bar.
  • Click on the blue plus (+) button and select Create Class.
  • Fill in the appropriate information.



Step 2: Add Students to Your Class

After creating the Class, invite your students to join with a code, join URL, or an email invitation. You can also create Student accounts and add them directly to your Class. Learn more about how students can sign up or about adding students directly to your Class. Your students should select "get started. as student" when signing in. There is also an option to allow parents see what students are doing. 



Key Features

 Load Your Class with Resources and Learning Activities

  • Create Notes for Announcements, Agendas, and Class Discussions
    • Inform your students and parents about the schedule for the online learning.
    • Include links and attachments to resources. 
    • Attach your recorded video or include a link to a video conference live stream.
    • Compose a post for all students to see and respond to as a comment. Threaded replies are a great way for students and teachers to reply to one another.
  • Create a Poll or Wellness Check for a Quick Class Check-In
    • Ask for your students’ anonymous opinion on a topic or answer to a question in a Poll.
    • Inquire about students’ well being with a Wellness Check. Responses are anonymous to the class, but teachers can see student selections. During this stressful time, Wellness Checks provide a quick way for students to know that you are interested in knowing their emotional status.
  • Create a Quiz to Check Understanding
    • Replace paper worksheets with an Edmodo Quiz for formative assessments.
    • Use an Edmodo Quiz as a checkpoint before moving on to the next unit of instruction.
  • Create an Assignment for Capturing Student Learnings
    • The directions of your assignment should provide an overview of the lesson and have any resources attached. A good template to follow:
      • Objectives of the Lesson
      • Steps to complete the lesson and assignment
      • Resources to use to complete the assignment
      • Timeline for completion
      • Scoring rubric and information
  • Create Small Groups for Unit Instruction or for a Space for Group Work
    • Create and load small groups with organized content for a unit. All students in the class can be added to this small group.
    • Create and add a few select students to a small group where they can work together in a collaborative space.


Supports and Tutorial links:

Edmodo’s News page with Videos and Resources https://new.edmodo.com/pages/edmodo-news


Distance Learning Toolkit - https://go.edmodo.com/distancelearning/ 


Resources - https://new.edmodo.com/spotlight/


Social Media

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https://www.facebook.com/edmodo/  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Q5gm5zZj2GuhfEXDiRcSg



Edmodo for Distance Learning (March 13th) - https://youtu.be/_fzmOIRix9M



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