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Brief Description is an online platform for flipped classroom learning.  Students learn the provided lessons at home and then practice is facilitated in class the following day with Role Play and other activities.


As a distance/ remote learning tool the in-class practice outlined above can be deferred. In supporting pupils who are working from home, teachers can make use of the Teacher Dashboard to stay in contact with learners while being able to see exactly what homework they are doing, right down to which words they query and their sentence recordings.




















Getting Started


Getting set up on the platofrm is easy. The homepage has everything you need to find out more about this learning platform. 


Once your interest is piqued you can create an account.  Due to Covid-19 access will remain free until end of this academic year.


After you are registered, the automated on-boarding will guide you through adding your students and setting your first lesson.


You are then encouraged to take the Self Certified Training availabe on the platform, as seen in the below image. 














Start with the "Using the Platform" section as this is most relevant for distance/ remote learning. follow up all registrations with personal guidance where needed, including instructions for how to kick off your first distance learning lesson.



Support and Links




All technical support is also provided to both teachers and students directly for ALL device types.



Social Media 


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