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Schoology is a learning management system with assessment management to improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning.


Getting Started

Signing up

Instructors and students sign up on the website You don’t need a school based email address in order to register. 


A Beginners guide to using schoology


Getting started for teachers

Below you will find an explanation of the different areas of your Schoology account.


Getting started for students


Getting started for parents


Tools for distance learning

Distance learning readiness kit

Schoology have developed a ‘Distance learning readiness kit’ which outlines how Schoology can be used as a distance learning tool. It has information on:

  • Webinars
  • Using LMS (Learning management systems) during school closures
  • How to prepare students for successful online learning
  • 7 ways to increase online student engagement. 

You can read about that here


Flipped Classroom Schoology Forum

A very good resource for questions and answers is the Schoology forum on the flipped classroom which can be found here:


Tutorial links

A full suite of Schoology produced videos can be found here:


What is Schoology?

Explainer Video:


How to use virtual learning during emergencies


Improving student engagement with Schoology


Project based learning with students


Technology integration in the classroom


A good list of general Schoology resources


Social Media

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Trainings and webinars​

How to use virtual learning during emergencies : Webinar



Signing up is free. Prices after this are not available on the site



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