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The following content has been taken from the showbie website and added to by our PDST Digital Technologies Advisors


Brief Description:

Showbie is a web-based and tablet app that can be used by teachers to assign, collect, and review student work. There is a free version and a paid-for version.


Teachers can use Showbie to organise work by class and by assignment. Students can provide responses to assignments or annotate worksheets directly. As Showbie is also compatible with a variety of other apps, work can be submitted for assignments from a variety of sources. Teachers can provide grades as well as feedback in the form of voice notes, annotations, and videos.



Here is a video providing an overview of Showbie


End of year platform tips:



Getting Started:


Getting started with Showbie


Signing up for Showbie requires an email address.




Once logged in, students  and teachers can see what is new on the platform simply by looking at the indicator icons, viewable here.

Account settings and notifications


Managing classes and assignments


Adding work


Managing students and co-teachers


Students can create their own digital portfolios into which they can collect and review their work.  


The below are the in-built tools which students can use to review, complete and submit their work:

  • Photos and Video: Materials can be uploaded from the camera roll on the device.

  • Comments, links and voice notes: Instructions or feedback for students can be included using these methods.

  • Class Folders: can be used in the Pro version to organise materials.

  • Links to other apps: Docs/ materials can be uploaded from other storage applications.

  • Lesson Plans: Pre-loaded lessons are available to use, or you can upload your own (Beta feature)


Further Resources and Tutorials:


Read some case studies to see how schools are using Showbie:


There are a number of online tutorials regarding Showbie and its use on the Showbie Youtube Channel




Home Learning Webinar Series:


Social Media: 

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