Listening and responding


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What is listening and responding? Children's exploration of a variety of sounds and genres of music is central to the Listening and Responding strand of the Music curriculum. Emphasis is placed on providing opportunities for children to become 'active listeners' and enabling them to respond to and create sounds... Click here for more


  Exploring Sounds Listening and Responding to Music
Resources Why explore sounds? Exploring sounds involves listening to and creating sounds from a wide variety of sources including the environment, the voice, the body and instruments... more Music - let's listen and respond! The Listening and Responding Strand unit emphasises active participation by children, where they experience an extensive range of music and respond to the music in a variety of ways..more

Ways to listen - questioning strategies

Some ideas for responding to music

Naíonán: Eisteacht agus freagairt

Examples of responding:



Let's Listen


Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy   

Flight of the Bumble Bee   

Radetzky March   

Viennese Musical Clock   

Comparing pieces of music - a worksheet   






Cuckoo in the Depth of the Woods