Post-Primary Misneach

The Misneach Programme for 2023 - 2025 is open to all newly appointed principals.



Misneach is a two-year personal and professional reflection programme spread over five two-day workshops whereby newly appointed principals come together to explore a wide variety of modules aimed at developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes as they begin their journey as new school leaders. The programme is guided by the PDST Leadership Team with a parallel mentoring programme provided by the Centre for School Leadership (CSL). With the learner at the centre of the programme, Misneach facilitates and encourages formal and informal networking opportunities where shared experiences and support can be accessed by all participants. The programme is facilitated by experienced principals and provides essential support for all newly appointed principals.



Misneach draws and builds upon recognised research findings which identify key leadership competencies, focused on the imperative to ensure quality student outcomes for every student and to promote ongoing school improvement, equity and effectiveness. The programme guides new leaders towards a sustainable model of leadership, building capacity in terms of self-reflection, self-awareness and self-care.

Misneach promotes the use of evidence to inform practice, reflecting the international movement towards a research-based culture. The programme fosters professional autonomy and local decision-making in collaboration with pupils, staff, parents and management, working towards a values-based shared vision. Misneach supports the creation and maintenance of professional learning communities which promote highly effective networking and collaborative peer support.

Misneach is an established programme with a design and delivery structure that allows for flexibility to respond to priority developments in national policy, thereby providing currency and coherence into the future.


The programme is guided by the five core principles that underpin good practice in school leadership: