As outlined in circular 45/2019, the PDST will produce a series of webinars over the next three years to facilitate the implementation of the Primary Language Curriculum.


There will be eight in total beginning, in term two of the school year 2019/2020. There will be a second webinar in term three of 2019/2020. One webinar in each term of 2020/2021 and one webinar in each term of 2021/2022. With each webinar, schools are entitled to take a half day closure to engage with the content of each webinar.



Webinar 1 (January 2020)



Webinar One will begin by recapping on the main points of the PLC seminar. The main focus of the webinar will be to give teachers time and guidance in exploring and interrogating Learning Outcomes in more detail. 


There are good practice videos for teachers to watch and there will also be a prompt sheet to guide teachers as they engage with the webinar activities. A copy of the prompt sheet is available below.  Teachers will need access to this document to participate fully during the webinar and we recommend that you print one copy of the prompt sheet per teacher/group in preparation for your school closure. Depending on your context and school size, teachers can work individually, in pairs or in groups.


During the webinar, teachers will be asked to reflect on their own practice and choose a learning outcome(s) to focus on when engaging with the prompt sheet. You will need to pause the webinar at various intervals to allow teachers time to reflect and engage with the prompt questions and activities.


English prompts 




Areas for exploration 


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English version

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Leagan Gaeillge


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