*New Play-Based Maths and Science Webinar* 


This webinar explores how playfulness can be infused into the teaching of Maths and Science. As well as discussing child-led play in the Junior Classes, we look at how playful approaches to Maths and Science can be used throughout the primary school.


This webinar is now available to watch on demand at the link below: 

Play-Based Maths and Science Webinar on demand



Further reading, videos and resources can be accessed here: 

Resources to support Play- Based Maths and Science




Number Sense Webinar


Number Sense is about having a competency with numbers and being able to use them flexibly. This 30 minute webinar explores the importance of developing number sense with all pupils. It examines how carefully crafted maths talks are a powerful teaching and learning strategy to develop number sense.


This Webinar is now available on demand at the link below:

Number Sense Webinar on demand