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Inquiry Based Shape and Space Seminars 2018

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Shape & Space: Assessment and Pupil Voice

Shape & Space: Reasoning, Communicating and Expressing




The aim of the Shape and Space Manual is to assist teachers in teaching the strand of Shape and Space (infants to 6th class). The resource is intended to complement and support the implementation of the Primary School Mathematics Curriculum (PSMC) rather than replace it. By providing additional guidance in the teaching and learning of Shape and Space, this resource attempts to illuminate an instructional framework for enhancing mathematical thinking. This instructional framework advocates methods of eliciting, supporting and extending higher-order mathematics skills such as reasoning; communicating and expressing; integrating and connecting; and applying and problem solving.  Although, this resource highlights the Shape and Space strand, this instructional framework can be used for all strands and strand units of the PSMC.





To download the manual please click on link below.


Shape and Space Manual


These task cards are from the School Self Evaluation 3 Seminar:


Carousel 1 Task Cards

Carousel 2 Task Cards

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