Tánaiste Summer Course for Deputy Principals




Tánaiste is a FREE leadership summer course designed specifically for Deputy Principals and Acting Deputy Principals and provided by the PDST Leadership Team. Upon completion, participants will be eligible for three EPV days.  

The course provides opportunities for deputy principals to explore their leadership role by sharing experiences, reflecting on sustainable leadership practice and building relationships with Deputy Principals from other schools. 




Please visit the Summer Course Schedule for your Local Education Centre to establish whether Tánaiste will be facilitated in that centre.




The Tánaiste summer course enables participants to explore the role of the Deputy Principal by considering the pivotal role that they play in leading learning and leading change in the school.  Leadership capacity is developed as participants engage with the programme and consider the benefits of a distributed approach to leadership. Strategies such as effective communication, emotional intelligence and working together with the principal as a leadership team are discussed and reflected upon.  The influence of school culture is explored as well as conflict management strategies. A module on ‘Primary Administration’ provides some guidance in relation to managing the administrative elements of the role and the importance of self-care and motivation are advocated throughout the week also.




“The Tánaiste programme is a great opportunity to get to know other deputy principals. It builds connections and forges friendships with others. It is very important in countering any feeling of isolation that may come with limited opportunities we get to network and it brings great comfort to know that you are not alone - that others are experiencing similar challenges and opportunities at the same time as yourself.”

“It was an excellent course, very informative and the team activities were very enlightening. Go raibh mile maith agaibh.”

“Great group work. Practical and applied situations used. A very beneficial week all round. Well worth making the effort to attend”

“The modules presented were exactly in keeping with the rhythms of the school year and the challenge of being a Deputy Principal. It was particularly beneficial to hear the different perspectives and to get guidance from the presenter.”

Queries in relation to registering for the Tánaiste Summer Course can be made with your local Education Centre or by contacting [email protected]