PDST Technology in Education Team

PDST Technology in Education  


PDST Technology in Education provide a range of digital technology related support and advice services to schools, including Scoilnet (including Scoilnet maps and Worldbook), Broadband for schools, Online and face-to-face digital technology courses, Internet Safety. PDST Technology in Education personnel are as follows:





Anthony Kilcoyne

PDST Deputy Director, Digital Technologies

[email protected]

Madeleine Murray

National Coordinator - Continuing Professional Development: Design & Development

[email protected]

Anne Phelan

National Coordinator - Continuing Professional Development: Delivery

[email protected]

Tom Lonergan

National Coordinator - Technology Integration Initiative

[email protected]

Patrick Coffey National Coordinator - Digital Content/Scoilnet [email protected]

Helen McKeon

Broadband Services to Schools Support Manager

[email protected]

Denise Brennan

Senior Administrator

[email protected]

Seán Dower

Systems Administrator

[email protected]

Moira Lambe

Project Officer - Scoilnet

[email protected]

Jane McGarrigle

Project Officer - Internet Safety / Webwise [email protected]  

Deirdre Redmond

Project Officer - ICT Infrastructure [email protected]
Susan Sainsbury Broadband Support [email protected]
Tracy Hogan

Webwise Educational Officer

[email protected]

Catríona Mulcahy

Webwise Digital Content Officer

[email protected]

Michelle Herron

Acting Senior Administrator

[email protected]