Child Protection E-Learning

Child Protection and Safeguarding for Boarding Facilities associated with Recognised Schools 2023



Child Protection E-Learning Presentation Series for DLPs and DDLPs 


The aim of these presentations is to support you in navigating the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools (revised 2023), in order for you to understand and fulfil your role as Designated Liaison Person (DLP) or Deputy Designated Liaison Person (DDLP). We recommend that you complete the presentations in sequential order. Please ensure you have a copy of the Child Protection Procedures to hand to support your engagement with the content. You can revisit these presentations as often as required. 

Presentation #1 - Overview & Context Presentation #2 - Role of DLP & DDLP Presentation #3 - Record Keeping&Oversight



Essential Documents

Children First 2017 Child Protection Procedures (revised 2023) Procedures for Boarding Facilities 2023

Essential documents and websit


Further support materials

From September 1st 2023 schools are required to use the below mandatory templates:


Employee Assistance Service


Curricular Supports for Child Protection - Primary 

These resources can be accessed and downloaded by clicking on the images above, or purchased from the PDST Publications E-Store


Curricular Supports for Child Protection - Post Primary 

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Supplementary Materials

These additional materials may support you in sharing the messages of Child Protection with your whole school community. Remember to be mindful of the life experiences of your school personell when sharing these materials, and ensure that all staff are aware of the Employee Assistance Service - Wellbeing Together

Video Clips
 ISPCC - Children Believe what they are told -  NSPCC - Say Something -  NSPCC - When a Child Makes a Disclosure -


Ted Talk : Child Protection - What is Contextual Safeguarding?  Webwise Videos -
Childhood Lasts a Lifetime Change a Child's Future  - Jenny's Story (Neglect)

Barnardos offer a free online safety session for teachers

The following clip is also a very simple and straightforward online safety video

Meitheal - Social Work in Ireland Prevention, Partnership & Family Support - Adverse Childhood Experiences -


Further Reading 

The following articles and resources might be of interest to you in furthering your understanding of Child Protection


Online Supports