TY Evaluation


Evaluation - a process of obtaining information and using it to form judgements which in turn are to be used in decision making



Evaluation may be: 


  • External - conducted by the Inspectorate of the Department of Education and Skills
  • Internal - conducted by the School community 


The Dept. of Education Transition Year Guidelines for Schools recommends that ” The programme should be regularly reviewed and evaluated internally by the co-ordinating team in close co-operation with school management, staff, pupils, parents, work providers and community interests. As part of this process, schools should attempt to develop appropriate quantitative and qualitative indicators as a means of raising and assuring the overall quality of the programme provided in the school”. As well as recommending this ongoing internal review process the Dept. of Education also commits itself to “Regular monitoring and external evaluation of Transition Year programmes will be the responsibility of the Department’s inspectorate . Thus it is highly recommended that all schools involve themselves in this “process of obtaining information and using it to form judgements which in turn are used in decision making”.





This section of the Post Primary SSE website contains SSE resources to facilitate schools with the implementation of the SIX STEP process for School Self Evaluation.You can access the SSE Resources page by clicking on the SSE Resources sub menu or alternatively by clicking here.




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A Department of Education Publication 1994 and based on Department of Education Guidelines 1994-1995.

This resource material is not a central prescription for any particular programme but is intended as a resource for whole-school development and enrichment of programmes offered by schools. The format of the material ensures that it can be photocopied easily, particularly the worksheets for students and teachers. Also the material does not mark the end of a process but is merely a beginning and is intended to be neither comprehensive nor definitive in terms of its scope.

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Section 1: Planning

Section 2: Teaching and Learning

Section 3: Curricululm Outlines and Reflections

Section 4: Assessment and Certification

Section 5: Evaluation

Section 6: Resource Directory