Senior Cycle Modern Foreign Languages




A sincere thank you to all teachers, co-ordinators, local facilitators, associates and advisors who have designed workshops for Modern Foreign Languages and contributed to all our resources on the PDST site.




All schools can apply for subject based support. To avail of school based support for Modern Foreign Languages, click on this link.





Additional Supports



The Post-Primary Languages Ireland (PPLI) offers a wonderful range of supports  and resources for language(s) teachers. Their website endeavours to provide:


  • a place where language teachers can share resources and materials that are relevant to language teaching methodology in general, the teaching of the lesser taught modern foreign languages (Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish) on the Irish curriculum in Irish post-primary schools, and the new languages that are spoken as home languages in Ireland
  • information and opportunities in relation to language learning and teaching at post-primary level
  • a platform for CPD and languages upskilling for modern foreign language teachers
  • information and links to relevant research on foreign languages policy in Ireland, foreign languages needs in Ireland, and other relevant materials.



Take a look at one of their online tutorials on the use of the target language in the classroom!



The following Subject Associations also offer great support for language teachers:



Association of Teachers of Italian

Association of Teachers of Spanish    


French Teachers Association of Ireland

German Teachers Assocation of Ireland  





Esther Herlihy is the Administrator for Modern Foreign Languages.  The e-mail address for Modern Foreign Languages is