Junior Cycle - Modern Languages


PDST Workshop Resources





2014 Spring Workshop Resources


Springboard into TY and Beyond
Blitz Poems Instructions English Examples
  1st Yr Spanish Example 1 1st Yr Spanish Example 2
  French Blitz Poem Example  
TY Ty Self Assesment Booklet International Film Club Blog
  Module on Impressionists Claude Monet Powerpoint
  Storybird Examples  
Drama Modern Language Drama Explanation Nativity Booklet
  ppt of nativity Invitation to nativity play
  words of jingle bells Xmas card certificate
Speaking Dice Game Verbs Pronunciation
  La Familia Q Card Explanation for Q Cards
  Las  nuevas tecnologias Mi Barrio
  El Colegio  
Writing Placemats More Ideas for writing
  Crime Scene Investigation  
  My Studybar Reference Guide  
Equality Equality Workshop Captions
  Photos Photo Labels
Listening Ideas for using RFI Ideas for listening
Reading Dominoes File  
eTwinning Info on e Twinning  


CSI Video



TY Evaluations














Modern Language Drama




 Nativity Play