Team Teaching


The Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) is delighted to outline on this page our team teaching collaborations with a number of Higher Education Institutes across the country. These collaborative projects entail undergraduate students/PME students and co-operating teachers engaged as partners in team teaching in the school placement setting. In advance of the school placement, PDST in conjunction with the relevant HEI, provides a full training programme for students and co-operating teachers. The training is a fusion of theory and practice harnessing the blend of career stages, practice and experience. These unique projects span both ends of the Continuum of Teacher Education, where individuals from initial teacher education (third level students) and continuous teacher education (co-operating teachers from the placement school) work as colleagues in a shared learning environment, where inquiry, experimentation and reflection is central, where there is trust, an openness to sharing and a willingness for mutual learning and feedback.It is where both student and co-operating teacher view team teaching as a vehicle for improving teaching and learning rather than simply a duplication of professional responsibility for a class. It is about sharing a strong desire to ignite students’ thirst for knowledge and to do that together where the sum of the individual strengths is greater than its parts. As well as facilitating the development of team teaching skills among individual student teachers and their co-operating teachers, it is intended that there will be a multiplier effect, in that the learning from the experience is disseminated throughout the school and among others not directly included in the project.


PDST is excited about the success of these collaborations thus far. We want to continue extending this work with other HEIs towards further learning and co-constructing our knowledge of team teaching. Details of our work to date with various HEIs can be viewed at the pages detailed below. If you would like to collaborate with PDST on team teaching or any other projects please complete the expression of interest @ 

Ciara O'Donnell, National Director, PDST




PDST/ Higher Education Institute Team Teaching Collaboration


Team teaching with Maynooth University

Team teaching with UCD

Team teaching in TY/MFL