Literacy and Numeracy Strategy



Introduction to the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy


This presentation was used at the beginning of the national seminar day in which we looked at the background to the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy. In it, we explored the implications of the Strategy for all members of the school community for this school year and beyond to 2012-13. 


Several video clips were used at the seminar which may be useful at Staff Meetings, Parents' Association or Board of Management meetings. Two of these video clips explore the definitions of Literacy and Numeracy and these are available on the homepage. The first video clip on this page looks at student collaborative learning through problem-solving in project maths. The second video clip steps outside the classroom and examines collaboration between teachers and with parents.


Project Maths: Problem Solving through student collaborative learning



Teachers collaborating with each other and with parents.

The Post-primary Numeracy section of the website is intended to complement the Numeracy Link Teacher seminars. The purpose of these seminars is to build capacity in numeracy at 578school level. The main focus of the numeracy link teacher seminars is the promotion and development of numeracy at whole school level. These seminars also explore a  range of methods to increase numeracy capacity across the curriculum.