Primary STEM Online Workshop Series Autumn/Winter 2020


Webinar 1: STEM in a Bubble Resources

Recording of Webinar (Password: *6OjSw9v)

Tin Foil Boats (PDST Measures Manual)

Baidíní Scagall Stáin 

My Scientific Inquiry

Imscrúdú Eolaíochta

List of Websites




Webinar 2: STEM in the Open Air Resources

STEAM Trail - Infants

RIan ETIEM - Naoináin

STEAM Trail - 1st & 2nd Class

RIAN ETIEM - Rang 1 & 2

STEAM Trail - 3rd & 4th Class

RIAN ETIEM - Rang 3 & 4

STEAM Trail - 5th & 6th Class

RIan ETIEM - Rang 5 & 6

STEM Kitchen Trail

Rian sa Chistin

Webinar Recording (Password: ?8bNgbXf)

Breathnóireachtaí Faoin gCrann

Outdoor Journal Prompts

Leideanna Dialainne Lasmuigh

My Passport

Mo Phas

Siúlóid Fuaime Lasmuigh

Pailéid Dathanna Fómhair

Science for One - Bottle

Web Resources




Webinar 3: STEM in our World Resources


Webinar Recording 

(Password: k%X!70wk)

Web Resources

The Next Big Idea

An Chéad Mór Scéal Eile

Design & Make a Toy Transporter

Ag Dearadh & Ag Déanamh Iompróir Breagán








Recording of STEM SA BHAILE Webinars:

Webinar 1 STEM  & the Garden  (Password: 1L!+8XD2) 

Webinar 2  STEM  & the Kitchen (Password: 0J+N5&7Y)

Webinar 3  STEM & Play (Password: 0G..%78y )

Webinar 4  STEM & Sport (Password 2q^[email protected]#@f )



 Webinar 1: STEM & the Garden Resources


Tree Journal

Sensory Box/ Discovery Bottle

Suirbhé ar Chrainn

Gníomhacht 3

Developing Green Fingers (Marrowfat Peas)

Design a Garden task card


Pollination resources

Battle of the Beaks

Bird Hunt task card

Design and Make a Nest

Design and Make a Raft

Resources and Websites



Webinar 2: STEM & the Kitchen Resources



Design a cereal box

Dear agus Déan bosca gránaigh 

My Scientific Inquiry 

Imscrudú Eolaíochta

Predictions: Floating and Sinking

Results: Floating and Sinking

Tuartha (ar snámh/dul faoin uisce) 

Torthaí (ar snámh/dul faoin uisce)



Liquids and Change

Absorbing Water task card

Ice Escape task card

Working in the Kitchen

Working in the Kitchen: STEM Trail

Ag Obair sa Chistin: Loirg STEM

Design and Make a Pedal Bin

Design a Kitchen of the Future 

Home Waste Audit

Iniúchadh ar Dramhaíl sa Teach

Technology in My Kitchen

Teicneolaíocht i mo Chistin

Kitchen themed suggestions for Design and Make 

Resources and Website 


Webinar 3: STEM & Play Resources



Amazing Mazes

Investigating How Toys Work

Create your own Puppet

Design the Best Toy Ever

Design a Playground

Design and make Hopscotch

Design and make a Sensory Hopscotch

Cluichí Dúradán

Dominoes Games

Cogadh Codán

Fraction Combat

Rás go dtí 100

Race to 100

Toy Technology Task

Teic. i mBréagán

Resources and Websites




Webinar 4: STEM & Sport Resources



Design and Make a Game 

Dear agus Déan Cluiche

Design and Make Indoor Golf

Dear agus Déan: Cúrsa i gcomhair Galf Mearaí

Design and Make an Amazing Arena

Ag Dearadh agus ag Déanamh Airéine Spórt

Family Olympics

How do I compare to an Olympian? 

Cén chaoi ina bhfuilim i gcomparáid le hOilimpeach? 

My Scientific Inquiry Planning sheet

Imscrudú Bileog Pleanála

Shane Lowry STEM Eyes

Hurling STEM Eyes

Maths and Science Eyes in Sport

The Human Body Resources

STEM and Sport Reaction Times 

Sample Summer 2020 Target Table

Resources and Weblinks STEM and Sport 




This innovative webinar series intends to support teachers in facilitating distance learning in Science, Maths & STEM in the primary setting. Each hour-long webinar shares practical resources, ideas and learning experiences to support teachers in the area of STEM both in school and at home, as we navigate distance learning during the school closures of 2020.


Play-Based Maths and Science Webinar 


This webinar explores how playfulness can be infused into the teaching of Maths and Science. As well as discussing child-led play in the Junior Classes, we look at how playful approaches to Maths and Science can be used throughout the primary school.


This webinar is now available to watch on demand at the link below: 

Play-Based Maths and Science Webinar on demand



Further reading, videos and resources can be accessed here: 

Resources to support Play- Based Maths and Science




Number Sense Webinar


Number Sense is about having a competency with numbers and being able to use them flexibly. This 30 minute webinar explores the importance of developing number sense with all pupils. It examines how carefully crafted maths talks are a powerful teaching and learning strategy to develop number sense.


This Webinar is now available on demand at the link below:

Number Sense Webinar on demand