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Welcome to the CURRICULUM RESOURCES section for Junior Cycle Home Economics. For ease of access, this section of the PDST website contains the following nodes.  Click on a link to access materials for that section of the syllabus.


1. Food Studies and Culinary Skills



3. Consumer Studies


4. Resource Management and Home Studies


5. Textile Studies


JC Coursework


JC Worksheets


Other Resources


Geraldine Whitney has kindly shared quizlet and studystacks. Links are below

Quizlet Lipids Link
Quizlet Carbohydrates Link
Quizlet JC Minerals Link
Quizlet JC Protein Link
Quizlet JC Fats Link
Quizlet JC Carbohydrates Link
Quizlet JC Vitamins Link
Studystack Skin Link

Other quizlets are available from the PDST for home economics here