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Summary Report


A summary report is a short, written communication which may have a variety of purposes, such as:

  • To brief the reader on the details of a particular event
  • To analyse a particular issue, draw conclusions and make recommendations
  • To convince the reader of the importance of taking a particular course of action

The ability to present information in a manner that is concise, logical and easy to read is an important skill - one that is valued in education, business and in the community.  The summary report provides LCVP students with the opportunity to gain proficiency in this form of writing. 

The learning outcomes of the link modules provide students with many opportunities to write a summary report.

Link Module 1: Preparation for the World of Work

  • Employment in the local area
  • Economic resources in the local area
  • Social services in the local area
  • The potential for tourism in the local area
  • A health and safety investigation
  • A visit to a local training scheme

Link Module 2: Enterprise Education

  • An interview with an entrepreneur
  • A team-building activity
  • A visit to a business or community enterprise
  • A visitor to the Link Modules class
  • The use of Information Technology by a business
  • An investigation of a Voluntary Organisation

To view a checklist for the Summary Report, click here.  Distributing this checklist to students and sharing with them the success criteria for a Summary Report is an excellent Assessment for Learning technique.  The checklist can be used to aid self-correction or peer-correction of the Summary Report. 

View the Guidelines for the Summary Report to ensure that students adhere to the assessment criteria.  This link also contains a template for completing the summary report.


Syllabus Assessment Curriculum Portfolio Planning Methodologies Skills Links