LCVP Case Studies

LCVP Assessment: Case Studies


As well as using the case studies as examination preparation, they may also be used as a teaching resource for all parts of the curriculum.   

Mind maps are an excellent visual way of preparing for both the case study and the written paper.  They can be used to link to all of the Specific Learning Outcomes (SLOs)




Past Case Studies




Click here to download a copy of this booklet


LCVP Case Studies

All learning outcomes can be applied to any case study by posing the correct questions.

Click on the links below to access case studies and mind maps for each year. 

Year Name Mind Maps



Climate Entrepreneur


Ballytiernan Community Co-operative


2018 Volunteering




Amy's Chocolate


2016 Glenor Community Project
2015 Recruit Me Ltd.

Corobawn Summer Festival


Axel Computers


Glencar Community Resource Centre


Sweet Dreams by Sara


Kilmaloe Community Development



Car Care


2008  Community Development (Ballynure)   


2007  KeeParts Ltd 



2006  recruit2suit 
2005  Community Development (Ballytra)   


2004  European Special Games   
2003  Elect. Ltd.   
2002  EntCo   


2001  Futura Systems Ltd.   
2000  Rathlee   
1999  Decision Times 



1998  Changing Times   



The resources below are a collation of the ideas which have been expressed at our LCVP workshops


Extra Sample Resource Materials for Case Study
SWOT Analysis Marketing Mix Business Plan

The PowerPoint from the Case Study local PDST courses is available here.  This powerpoint may help with case study preparation. 

Case Study Methodology


The Case Study Methodology is an excellent way of analysing the case study and preparing students for the examination.  It can be downloaded here

A list of questions identified as sample/possible questions for use with the  Case Study (in advance of the exam) is available for the following years:

2015 Click here and here

2014 Click here

2013 Click here

2012 Click here


Click here for a co-operative approach to the Case Study.

Click here for the talking notes from Case Study night