Junior Cycle - Technical Graphics








·         Axonometric Projection

This site deals with Isometric and related projections. Gives useful background on Axonometric projection. This site is meant as a resource for teachers and pupils in second level schools in Ireland.

·         Design Resources & Training

An excellent and extensive site covering design basics and communication of design. Has sections on sketching, colour and rendering as well. Give yourself an hour to look around it.

·         Fundamental Drawing Constructions

On this site you will find unique interactive drawings that learners can manipulate to help understand the principles involved ,videos that can be re-winded, paused or forwarded to aid learning, simple clear explanations, an intuitive easy to follow user interface.  The site contains all the junior cert technical graphics theorems, each theorem contains interactive drawings explaining the proof, video explanations and associated problems



This section of the site is currently under construction.  Further resources may be accessed via the T4 website.



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