Health-Related Activity


This aspect of the syllabus is distinctive inasmuch as it attempts to draw together the other physical education
activities, in order to provide students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of healthrelated fitness and to apply its principles to actual participation. Its inclusion is reflective of the view that promotion of skilled movement and fitness is an important means of developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Junior Cycle Physical Education (JCPE) - Syllabus 


Health - Related Activity Syllabus

Teaching Resources


The Effects of Physical Activity on the Body      Components of Health Related Fitness


Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale (gears)                                                 Mapping HRA



Integrating HRA in Other Areas:


Adventure Activities                                                                                           Aquatics


Athletics                                                                                                                Dance


Games                                                                                                          Gymnastics



Planning and Assessment


Additional Resources



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