Good Practice Video in Physical Education

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The aim of this document is to highlight the learning that can occur when ICT is constructively used to support learning objectives in the Primary School Curriculum (1999).


Physical Education : Strand, Strand Unit and ICT Link

    Descriptor of Resource & Objective




  • Running with a partner or group and crossing low obstacles, varying the pace of the run
  • Explore the various ways of jumping, to include taking off from one foot and landing on two feet
  • Develop the over-arm (javelin) throw from a standing position, using a beanbag, ball or foam javelin
  • Develop a better understanding of speed, strength, control and co-ordination


  • Create and perform a more complex range of movements
  • Observe, describe and discuss own dance and dance of others


  • Select and link a range of gymnastic actions to travel on the floor and on apparatus
  • Observe, describe and ask and answer questions about movement


  • Develop further and extend ball-handling skills
  • Create and develop games with a partner or with a small group
  • Discuss and improve control in movement skills relevant to games

Outdoor & Adventure Activities

  • Develop a range of cycling skills
  • Find controls on the school site, using a map or plan
  • Undertake an adventure trail
  • Plan, observe, describe and discuss activities outdoors



  • Recognise hazards of water
  • Practise balance, rotation and recovery exercises with and without float
  • Develop a selection of swimming strokes
  • Participate in pair and group play
  • Discuss a wide range of aquatic activities