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Performance and Performing! The Performing Strand of the Music Curriculum emphasises the importance of active music making. At its core is the song singing aspect from which instrument playing and experiences in literacy grow...Click here to see more



  Song Singing Literacy Playing Instruments
Resources Let's sing! Song singing is a central aspect of the Performing Strand and is linked to the other strands and strand units of the Music Curriculum. Emphasis is placed on the joy of singing and on encouraging the effective use of the voice in creating music... Click here for more Sound before symbol! The best time to introduce music notation is the moment when the child expresses a need to record his/her musical pieces or collection of sounds... Click here for more Let's play! Very significant dimensions are added to music learning through playing both percussion and melodic instruments and children gain access to a wider realm of musical experiences... Click here for more

Some ideas for teaching a song


Exploring pitch (high/low)

Soh - mi: 2 note songs for early music literacy

Lah - soh - mi: 3 note songs for music literacy 

Soh - mi - doh: 3 note songs for music literacy

Mi- re - doh: 3 note songs for music literacy

5 notes songs



Pictures for literacy

Symbols for literacy



Percussion activities

Which note? -key signatures

What are Boomwhackers?

Boomwhacker sounds files   
Boomwhackers in notation   
Boomwhacker - colours and words  
Boomwhacker chants

Teaching rounds


Playing instruments to accompany songs

Video 1 
Video 2      
Video 3

Accompanying songs

List of chords

Video 1   
Video 2     
Video 3

Ideas for Developing Literacy-Melody

Video 1 

Video 2 

Video 3 

Video 4

Video 5 

Video 6


Ideas for Developing Literacy - Rhythm 

Video 1

Video 2 

Video 3

Melodic instruments

Video 1

Tin whistle scheme

Starting a School Band - an article from InTouch magazine

Some Marches and Waltzes

Playing Instruments