Guide to the Student Assignment

An updated version of “A Guide to the Student Assignment” (Design and Communication Graphics) is now available to purchase or download. The purpose of this document is to offer guidance to both teachers and students on possible approaches to successfully completing the DCG Student Assignment by drawing on the knowledge, experience and wisdom gained from the development of the student assignment to date. Printed booklets may now be ordered from the PDST and delivered to your school




Using ICT in Technical Graphics.


Teacher, Anthony Gainley, from Le Chéile Secondary School, demonstrates how he uses a flipped learning approach using ICT to differentiate and personalise learning in his Technical Graphics classroom. Anthony shows how he has created a simple instructional video, using a visualiser, on how to draw a tangent to an ellipse. This video is viewed by students at home in advance of the class on this topic, allowing in-class time to be spent applying what they have learned, and enabling Anthony to spend more time working with individual students and assessing their understanding of the topic

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