TY Webinar 6

Welcome to the TY Webinar 6 page. Webinar 6 was designed to explore issues around planning for TY 2021-2022, including what research says about the TY experience, key tasks/dates in planning for 2021-2022, creatings a tY timetable and effective budgeting.

You'll find a number of the resources used during the webinars below. If you have any queries pertaining to these materials please email us at ty@pdst.ie



Recording of Webinar 6 Padlet Wall 1
Padlet Wall 2 Padlet Wall 3
Aidan Clerkin's Research from ERC on TY Experience Gerry Jeffer's Research on Attitudes to TY

TY - Past, Present and Future by Gerry Jeffers Irish Times Article on the merits of TY

Irish Times Article on TY during the Pandemic