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Wellbeing Supports Overview for Returning to School 



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December 2020 Research 

Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study, based in the Health Promotion Research Centre has published their: 

'Spotlight on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing'; Findings from the 2017/18 Health Behaviour in School Aged Children Survey in Europe and Canada International Report.

This international report compares 11, 13 and 15 year olds, by gender, on mental well-being, health promoting and health compromising behaviours (dietary habits, physical activity, substance use), and aspects of children’s lives, such as school, families and peer relationships across the 45 countries. It also shows where levels of family affluence are related to how well children are doing on the various indicators. There is a special focus on the use of electronic media communication, including social media use included in the main report. 

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