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Key Skills


There are 5 Key Skills identified as central to teaching and learning across the curriculum at senior cycle. These are: Communicating, Being Personally Effective, Working with Others, Critical and Creative Thinking and Information Processing.These key skills play an important part in all learners achieving their potential, both during their time in school and in the future. 





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For general information on the senior cycle key skills please click the link below which will  bring you to the NCCA’s Senior Cycle Key Skills Framework document.




Digital Technologies



Recent years have seen a significant increase in the range and quality of material available online and the potential offered by digital technologies to support and enhance their teaching, learning and assessment practices.


Coláiste Bríde Art and ICT 


In this video Art teacher Niamh Comiskey, Coláiste Bríde, suggests how to use ICT to support learning in the Art classroom. She uses a visualiser to demonstrate and record work. Apps such as Pinterest and Instagram can be used to compile secondary sources and research. Niamh has found that using apps that pupils are already familiar with enables her to get the most from technology. ICT also supports peer assessment in her classes.



Blended Learning



The term ‘blended learning’ is used frequently in education, with many definitions offered.  The interactive resource below, explores blended learning through the definition proposed by Garrison and Kanuka (2004) who define this approach to teaching and learning as “the thoughtful integration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences” (p. 96).



Literacy & Numeracy




Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life outlines the government's national strategy to improve Literacy and Numeracy in Irish schools until 2020. As is the case with all subject departments; it is essential that subject departments engage fully with Literacy and Numeracy in order to realise the stated objectives outlined in the strategy. A summary of this document can be downloaded here. 


The following  subject specific Literacy and Numeracy Art resources are specifically designed to assist Art teachers with the realisation of these objectives.









Assessment Arrangements for Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Examinations 2021


  • Senior Cycle Art information can be found on page 11
  • Visual Art Junior Cycle information can be found on page 74


The following is a link to the percentage breakdown of candidates by grades awarded in each subject for 2018-2020



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