Senior Cycle Classical Studies




Welcome to the Classical Studies subject page. The PDST Classical Studies team aims to provide high quality professional development and support that empowers teachers and schools to provide the best possible education for all students. This site is designed to give you information about a range of supports and professional developments provided by the PDST. 






All schools can apply for subject based support through the school principal.


To avail of school based support click here.


The Classical Association of Ireland Teachers (CAI-T) provide annual general meetings that provide support to teachers of Classical Studies and keep their members informed of any changes or upcoming events in relation to the world of Classical Studies. 





This section will be updated with upcoming news and events. 


The PDST Classical Studies team is excited to announce the first Collaborative for Leaving Certificate Clasical Studies, where they will be discussing topics that arose from National Seminar Day 1.








Classical Studies National Seminar Day 1 





National Seminar Day 2 will be held in Autumn of 2021.


The Leaving Certificate Classical Studies Specification will be implemented in September 2021. 


The CAI-T will also keep their members informed of any upcoming news/events and hold annual conferences to provide support for teachers of Classical Studies.





The administrator for PDST Classical Studies is [email protected]