SC Home Economics - Curriculum




The resources are categorised by syllabus.  To access them, please click on the sub-menus on the right or on the blue links below.


1. Food Studies

1.1 Food science and nutrition
1.2 Diet and health
1.3 Preparation and processing of food


2. Resource management and consumer studies

2.1 Family resource management
2.2 Consumer studies


3. Social studies

3.1 The family in society


4.1 Housing
4.2 House building and design
4.3 Designing the house interior
4.4 The energy efficient home
4.5 Systems and services


5.1 Contemporary clothing and fashion
5.2 Textile science
5.3 Design evaluation and garment construction
5.4 The clothing and textile industries



6.1 Social change and the family
6.2 Education
6.3 Work
6.4 Leisure 
6.5 Unemployment
6.6 Poverty
6.7 Statutory and community responses to creating employment and eliminating poverty