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Following on from the Teaching Council's Webinar Series, 'Learning for All', the resources below have been developed to complement the main themes that have arose during each individual episode. 


Nurturing Whole School Community Wellbeing

Video on how to create a  Digital Newsletter Tips on establising 'Ground Rules' when engaging with video calls Screecast explaining how to set up 'Out of Office Reply' on you email account Screencast explaining how to 'Schedule Send and Email' 






Click on the image above to learn how to generate a Digital Newsletter in order to communicate with your school community


Getting started with video conferencing- A useful set of ground rules you may like to share with students before getting started

Click on the above image to access an instructional screencast demonstrating the  creation of an automated email reply

Click on the image above to learn how to send an email at a later date/ time, so that emails are arriving in a person's inbox during work hours


Unifying the Community:

Communicating with our school communities 

Vital for some, good for all:

SEN Supports

Teaching and Learning: Online and Offline

Expert Advice from leading Psychologists





Click on the image above to access a document with tips on how to communicate with teachers and students online 

Click on the image to access a list of comprehensive articles on supporting students with special education needs during school closures

Click on the image to access a list of articles that provide excellent advice and tips on motivation, engagement, online teaching, assessment and study plans

Click on the image to access three key articles written by key psychologists in the field of wellbeing. Advice is provided on minding our bodies, supporting young people's wellbeing and parent worry

Ideas for School Community Newsletters




Teacher Wellbeing 

Click on the image below to access Teacher Wellbeing resources


Free Online Stress Control Classes


HSE Health and Wellbeing are offering a free Stress Control programme online via Stresscontrol.org from the 11th May. Stress Control is an evidence-based programme that teaches you practical skills to deal with stress.

The programme helps participants recognise the signs of stress. It covers topics including how stress affects our bodies and our thoughts. It teaches skills to overcome panicky feelings and tips to getting a good night’s sleep.

Dr Jim White will live-stream the classes, free-of-charge, starting on Monday 11th May. You can watch the sessions either in the afternoon or evening. 

This is the second roll out of these online classes following great feedback and engagement. The initial programme had an average audience of circa 6,500 viewers tuning into each session from across the UK and Ireland.

PODCASTS! Whatever your interest may be, here is a list of health and wellness related Podcasts to add to your favourites!



Student Wellbeing
These resources are not suggestive nor exhaustive and are to be used at teacher's discretion.




Mental Health Support during COVID-19 Looking after your Mental Health Mental Health Relaxation Little Things Campaign 5 Ways to Wellbeing in tough times Advice for Young People while Schools are Closed



Samaritans Saint Patrick's COVID-19 advice Walk in my Shoes Jigsaw Jigsaw: Advice during COVID-19 Pieta House



The Sleep Programme Acts of Kindness  Rainbows Ireland Coping Skills Calm Irish Dairy Council: New Ways of Working



Spunout  Irish Heart Foundation Gentle Exercises Mindfulness for Children Study Skills Tips Podcasts




Supporting the Wellbeing of students during COVID-19 National Centre for Guidance in Education Information and Advice for Leaving Certificate Students 2020      


Registering for SPHE Seminars

Registering for SPHE Seminars 

Populated below are a suite of resources to support teaching and learning in SPHE. The PDST provides continuous professional development to support teaching and learning in SPHE in both junior and senior cycle. Click on the link below to register for upcoming training. 


Important Advice for SPHE Teachers teaching SPHE remotely!






SPHE Handbooks

These handbooks provide comprehensive information and advice on best practice approaches to teaching, learning and assessment in SPHE





SPHE Support Booklet  SPHE Syllabus 2000 SPHE Guidelines 2000 2016 Short Course Specification


Belongto LGBTI+ Training for Teachers


Click on the link below to access training to support the creation of LGBTI+ Inclusive schools and Youth Services



Post Primary SPHE Curriculum Resources 


Anti Bullying Resources


PDST Support Booklet  Anti Bullying Procedures Bullying Teacher Advice ISPCC Shield My School RU Being Bullied






Cool School's Programme       


Internet Safety













Lockers English Version Lockers Irish Version BinCTRL English Version BinCTRL Irish Version Connected English Version




Connected Irish Version Parents Guide to A Better Internet  Useful Webwise Resources From Home    


Mental Health Resources






Physical and Mental Health  Mental Ill Health 

Mental Illness


Treatment Care





Society and Mental Health Attitudes  Mental Health and You   Supplementary Resources

Building Resilience and Wellbeing

Mental Health Resource for Youth Workers and Volunteers


On My Own Two Feet



School Handbook Assertive Communication Consequences Decison Making Identity and Self Esteem




Feelings Understanding Influences Workcards    


Personal Safety



Chid Protection Procedures 2017 Junior Cycle Personal Safety Lesons Senior Cycle Personal Safety Lessons    


Relationship and Sexuality



Advice for teaching RSE

Junior Cycle RSE Resource

Advice for Parents

Junior Cycle RSE Resource Materials  Junior and Senior Cycle LGBT Resource 





Senior Cycle RSE Resource Materials Senior Cycle RSE TRUST Resource  RSE SEN Resource List RSE:Mild Learning Difficulties Senior Cycle RSE TRUST: As Gaeilge


The videos associated with the TRUST resource and GULGBT resource are available here at www. sexualwellbeing.ie


Substance Use


Junior Cycle-On my Own Two Feet- Consequences Resource Ask About Alcohol: A Parent's Guide Crosscare Don't Lose Your Head- support booklet for parents Senior Cycle Substance Use Resource: Know the Score Straight Talk: A guide for parents on teenage drinking


NYCI Support Manual



Resources for Policy Development and Review


Acceptable Use Policy










Webwise AUP Guidelines  Webwise Sample AUP 1 Webwise Sample AUP 2  DES Internet Safety Guidelines DES Internet Safety Template


Anti-Bullying Policy







Anti Bullying Procedures 2013 Action Plan on Bullying 2013 Anti- Bullying Policy Template PDST Support Material  


Child Protection/ Child Safeguarding Statement 






Child Protection Procedures 2017 Child Protection Circular 81 2017 Mandatory Child Safeguarding Statement Template Mandatory Risk Assessment  Mandatory Template Checklist Review



Children First         


 Additional Child Protection information available here

Code of Behaviour 





NEWB Guidelines  Circular 33 1991      





SPHE Handbook RSE Policy Guidelines Circular 43 2018 A Guide to CPSI Inspections RSE Interim Guidelines




RSE Policy Development Guidelines RSE Policy Sample Template Tips for developing an RSE Policy    


Substance Use




Guidelines for developing a Substance Use Policy Sample SU Policy Substance Use Policy Template    


Planning Resources 


Wellbeing Guidelines available here 
Key Skills for Junior Cycle Framework available here 
Wellbeing Indicators available here 
Statement of Learning; Junior Cycle Framework available here 
Junior Cycle Framework Key Skills available here 
Junior Cycle Short Course Planning Booklet available here 
Junior Cycle SPHE 2016 Specification available here 
SPHE Short Course Specification CBA 2019 (Classroom Based Assessment) available here 
Junior Cycle SPHE Short Course Planning Template available here 
SPHE Senior Cycle Curriculum Booklet available here 
Planning a Senior Cycle SPHE Curriculum available here 
Supporting Students with Mild General Learning Disabilities available here 
SPHE Checklist available here 
SPHE Syllabus 2000 Booklet available here 
SPHE Guidelines 2000 Booklet available here


NCCA Focus on Learning Booklets





earning Intentions and Success Criteria Effective Questioning  Formative Feedback Students reflecting on their Learning Learning Outcomes Ongoing Reporting