Senior Cycle Business - Curriculum


Welcome to the Curriculum section for Senior Cycle Business. For ease of access, this section of the PDST website contains the following nodes:


Sample Leaving Certificate Business Scheme of Work


Unit 1: People in Business


Unit 2: Enterprise


Unit 3: Management 1


Unit 4: Management 2
Unit 5: Business in Action


Unit 6: Domestic Environment


Unit 7: International Environment





Click here to download the Leaving Certificate Business Syllabus


Business Abbreviations


There are many abbreviations on the Leaving Certificate Business syllabus and these abbreviations are frequently asked in Section 1 (short questions) of both the Higher and Ordinary level papers.  Click here to access common abbreviations for short answer questions, which can be used for revision purposes.



Subject Analysis Spreadsheet


Click here to download a copy of the 2019 subject analysis spreadsheet for Business




Subject Department Planning Resources
All of the documents below are templates that should be modified to reflect the situation in each individual school.
Table of Contents Business Department Details Record of CPD
Subject Department Meetings
Action Minutes
Sample Policies
Special Needs Non English Speaking Students Mentoring/NQTs
Homework Assessment Professional Development
Cross Curricular Links for Business Health and Safety  
Curriculum Content
Sample Businss Studies Hyperlinked Plan
Subject Inspections
A guide to incidental inspection
Teacher Reflection
Checklist for Teacher Self-Evaluation





Click here to download the Leaving Certificate Guidelines for Teachers





Click here to download the Circular 0052/2010: Updates to Leaving Certificate Business Legislation



Resource Link 


Online Marking, Examination Paper Design and Stationery Design 2020



Please find link on the State Examination Commission 



New - Legislation Updates

Please see the information on the circular on the link below relating to the legislation on the syllabus.

Circular 0033/2018

Please see the information on the updated guidelines below from the NCCA relating to the legislation on the syllabus

Updated guidelines