The DES anti-bullying procedures recommend a school wide approach to dealing with bullying behaviour as a key element of best practice. 

Key to addressing bullying, within the school environment, is the fostering of an ethos under which bullying is unacceptable. A school wide anti-bullying ethos is enhanced and supported by:

  • The development of a school wide anti-bullying policy.
  • A climate that encourages the disclosure of bullying behaviour.
  • Anti-bullying awareness raising measures amongst teachers, students and parents.
  • A school wide agreement regarding procedures and supports.
  • Collaboration with local agencies.
  • Ongoing evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the anti-bullying work.
Developing an Anti-Bullying Policy 

DES Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2013 Circular 45/2013 Anti-Bullying Procedures PDST Anti-Bullying Support Materials



SPHE Curricular Resources for Anti-Bullying 


Resources for Anti-Bullying Awareness Raising, Prevention and Intervention Strategies 



PDST Seminar - Internet Safety, Cyber Safety and Bullying (2019/2020)



Useful Websites



Anti-Bullying Webinar

Click Here to access an interactive presentation on the Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools. 

Please note that the Procedures, the PDST Policy Template, and the PDST Information booklet must be downloaded in advance of viewing the presentation as they will be referenced throughout. 


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