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The DES anti-bullying procedures recommend a school wide approach to dealing with bullying behaviour as a key element of best practice. 

Key to addressing bullying, within the school environment, is the fostering of an ethos under which bullying is unacceptable. A school wide anti-bullying ethos is enhanced and supported by:

  • The development of a school wide anti-bullying policy.
  • A climate that encourages the disclosure of bullying behaviour.
  • Anti-bullying awareness raising measures amongst teachers, students and parents.
  • A school wide agreement regarding procedures and supports.
  • Collaboration with local agencies.
  • Ongoing evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the anti-bullying work.
Developing an Anti-Bullying Policy 

DES Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2013 Circular 45/2013 Anti-Bullying Procedures PDST Anti-Bullying Support Materials



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Resources for Anti-Bullying Awareness Raising, Prevention and Intervention Strategies 


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