The primary PE curriculum is made up of the following six strands and strand units:


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NEW RESOURCES - 2020/2021

120 Non-Contact Activities for PE - (Available in Irish and English) PE Homework - Active Every Day (available in Irish and English)


The PSSI Lesson Plan Resource Pack enables schools to teach a progressive and continuous Physical Education Programme.


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The Department of Education has invited teachers to prioritise curricular areas that enhance and develop pupil wellbeing in 2020/2021.

For this reason, schools have been encouraged to re-orientate their work with the curriculum and give greater time and attention to PE.

Return to School - Curriculum Guidance for School Leaders and Teachers highlights four key considerations that relate to the teaching and learning of PE and promotion of physical activity in the primary school (page 18).

This poster, available in Irish and English, outlines the PE strands that are best suited to these considerations and highlights suitable, relevant resources.

NEW: Children's Books for Wellbeing - An exploration of picture books and novels which may support teaching and learning in SPHE and PE. Click here to access this document or alternatively click on the image above.  

NEW: Using movement breaks at intervals throughout the day offers pupils the opportunity to re-energise their body while giving the brain the time it needs to process learning and prepare for future learning. This resource outlines short movement breaks and activities that you can use during the school day.

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