Tánaiste - 2022/2023


Applications for our 2023-24 programme are now open. Please click on this link to apply.


Please contact Linda Hogan (lindahogan@pdst.ie) if you have any further queries. 

Tánaiste is a one year professional development programme for Newly Appointed Deputy Principals developed by the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). 


It is a leadership capacity building programme which both supports and challenges participants by building the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for leading and managing Irish Primary Schools. Many relevant themes will be addressed and discussed with valuable opportunities provided to voice concerns, seek reassurance and share experiences with other newly appointed deputy principals.


These themes include:


  • The Role of Deputy Principal 

  • Leading Learning

  • Leading People

  • Leading Inclusion


Professional sustainability in the role is promoted throughout Tánaiste in the context of shared communities of practice and peer networking support. The programme is closely aligned to the dimensions, domains and standards of Looking at Our School 2016.


The concept of a shared leadership approach will be explored with both the Principal and Deputy Principal through two online engagements. 


A community of practice will be built at the end of this programme in collaboration with IPPN (Irish Primary Principals Network) and the ESCI (Education Support Centres Ireland)


The programme consists of six seminars: 



Two day event

Currently planned for 24th and 25th August


Online Afternoon Module with Principal 

Currently planned for 8th, 9th and 10th November 

Participants will attend one afternoon only 


One day event

Currently planned for 30th November


One day event

Currently planned for 18th January 


Online Module with Principal

Currently planned for 21st, 22nd, 23rd February 

Participants will attend one afternoon only 


One day event

Currently planned for 24th May


All newly -appointed deputy primary school principals employed in state funded and inspected primary schools are eligible. Newly appointed is defined as appointed during the previous year. 

Teachers acting-up as deputy principal should contact the leadership administrator in Clare Education Centre. Contact Linda Hogan at lindahogan@pdst.ie