FÍS - RTE Home School Hub

There is a digital storytelling and movie week special this week on the RTÉ Home School Hub.


Ever wondered what happens behind the camera of your favourite movie? They will be showing you the magic of the movies and how to make your own short movie! Reknowned film Director Lenny Abrahamson is also doing a few pieces during the week on the topic.


RTE will be showcasing a number of Fís Films that have been entered in the Fís Film Project Awards over the last few years as examples of what is possible when effectively infusing creatively with curricular learning. 


FÍS is an initiative of the Dept. of Education & Skills and is a collaborative partnership between the PDST and the Institute of Art, Design & Technology’s National Film School (IADT). 


This is one of our proudest bank of resources.


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