About the course



This interactive online course provides you with an introduction to School Self-Evaluation (SSE) for Teaching and Learning. Through a series of interactive guides, you will explore the SSE process for teaching and learning and be provided with a step by step interactive guide on how to implement the six-step process for teaching and learning.





2 hours (at times of your own choosing)


Skill Level 















Target Audience



All post-primary teachers, principals and deputy principals





Basic ICT skills. Participants should have experience of carrying out basic ICT tasks (opening, editing, saving, closing files) and be proficient in using an Internet browser. Prior experience of participating in an online course will be an advantage.


Online course availability



The course is delivered via Check for information on what’s needed for enrolment, access, available dates, etc.

Technical:    A good broadband internet connection and a laptop, desktop pc or tablet (with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed).


Learning outcomes



Participants completing this module will be enabled to:


  • explain the meaning of School Self-Evaluation;
  • evaluate the benefits of School Self-Evaluation;
  • identify the roles and responsibilities of members of the school community towards the implementation of School Self-Evaluation;
  • describe the six-step process for School Self-Evaluation;
  • analyse and evaluate  the themes and sub themes for School Self-Evaluation (Teaching and Learning);
  • apply the evaluation criteria and quality statements to form judgements on a particular aspect of teaching and learning.


Course content



This is a highly interactive online course that is divided into the following sections:


Section 1:    Introduction to SSE


In this introductory section of the module, participants will explore: the meaning of the term SSE; the benefits of SSE; who should be involved in SSE; how post-primary schools in Ireland have benefited by engaging in SSE.


Section 2:    SSE for Teaching and Learning


This section of the module provides an overview of the SSE guidelines for teaching and learning by addressing the following key questions:


  • What is SSE for Teaching and Learning?
  • Why SSE for Teaching and Learning?
  • Why now?
  • Why teaching and learning?
  • How does SSE enhance school improvement?
  • What are the key questions that need to be addressed when implementing SSE for teaching and Learning
  • How does SSE complement School Development Planning?
  • What might a SSE Cycle look like?


Section 3: Exploring the building blocks for SSE


This section of the module explores the building blocks for SSE and is divided into the following key areas:


  1. The six-step process for SSE
  2. The themes and sub themes for SSE
  3. Evaluation criteria and quality statements for SSE
  4. The quality continuum for SSE
  5. Quality statements for SSE